Our Institution

The Louis Riel Institute was established as an institution of self-governance by the Manitoba Métis Federation to address the educational concerns and aspirations of the Métis people in Manitoba. In December of 1985, a working group was appointed to explore the feasibility of creating an institute, which eventually became known as the "Louis Riel Institute."

As a charitable non-profit organization, the Louis Riel Institute serves as the cultural and educational authority of the Manitoba Métis Federation, focusing on delivering a diverse range of programs and services on behalf of the federation. Through these efforts, the institute actively contributes to the advancement and empowerment of the Red River Métis.

At the core of the Louis Riel Institute's mission lies a commitment to fostering understanding and appreciation for the culture, heritage, and history of the Red River Métis. This dedication has cultivated strong community relationships, resulting in the acquisition of invaluable records and collections associated with the Red River Métis. As a responsible custodian of Métis heritage, the institute takes great pride in preserving and protecting historical records and artifacts, safeguarding the legacy of the Red River Métis for present and future generations.

The institute's repository encompasses a diverse array of physical and digital holdings, featuring materials pertaining to Red River Métis history, culture, and languages. Diligently enhancing their capacity to manage these collections, the institute ensures accessibility while upholding cultural protocols.

Aligned with their overarching objective, the Louis Riel Institute is devoted to supporting the cultural and educational needs of various stakeholders, including the Red River Métis, the Manitoba Métis Federation, Federal and Provincial Governments, educational institutions, private and non-profit organizations, archival institutions, historical societies, and museums. Through collaborative efforts, they strive to contribute to the broader dissemination and understanding of Métis heritage.


The digital archives offered by the Louis Riel Institute serve as a crucial component in their efforts to enhance the accessibility of their collections. Utilizing a user-friendly website, they extend a warm invitation to visitors, encouraging them to explore and immerse themselves in a wide array of curated digital heritage items made available to the public. Leveraging technology, the institute aims to overcome geographical and logistical barriers, providing an engaging experience for individuals from various locations to connect with Métis heritage. These digital archives offer researchers, scholars, educators, and enthusiasts an opportunity to delve into the collective history of the Red River Métis, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of their legacy and contributions.

The Louis Riel Institute owns the copyright in the majority of the Content; however, they may not own the copyright over certain Content that has been provided by contributing institutions, organizations, or individuals, which is being licensed or used with permission by the Louis Riel Institute. The copyright in the Content not owned by the Louis Riel Institute remains with the contributor.

By accessing this website, you are acknowledging your agreement to adhere to the guidelines for use, citation, and attribution as established by each respective community for their material and traditional knowledge. Comprehensive information about these guidelines can be found in the community "About" section, as well as specific fields, including "Rights" and "TK label," associated with individual items. We kindly request that you respect and adhere to these provisions while engaging with the cultural materials and traditional knowledge shared on this platform.


At the Louis Riel Institute, the Archives continue to grow, through the generous contributions of individuals, families, and organizations, which ensures the preservation and accessibility of valuable historical materials for future generations.

Donations are essential at the Louis Riel Institute, as they provide crucial support for the preservation of Métis culture and heritage. Whether through financial contributions, donations of archival materials, or collaborative partnerships, each donation directly contributes to the institute's mission of preserving and promoting Métis heritage. 

Inquiries and discussions about potential donations are welcomed, as every contribution, regardless of size, helps further the institute's important work. The Louis Riel Institute deeply appreciates the support of its donors, whose generosity fuels efforts in preserving Métis history and culture.