C366 Elsie Bear (née Hourie)

Nicole J.M. St-Onge Interviews Elsie Bear, born in 1921 in Grand Marais, Manitoba.

The Métis Oral History Project (1985) was conducted as a summer employment project through the Provincial Archives of Manitoba. It was a continuation of a similar project carried out in 1984 and identified as the Métis Oral History Project (1984). Its purpose was to create oral history materials documenting the history and culture of the Manitoba Métis people. The research and interviews were conducted by Nicole J.M. St-Onge.

The interviews are in the form of life histories. Narrators’ recollections span the period from the end of the nineteenth century to the present and provide information on family, economic and social life in rural Metis communities.

Location Description: 

Interview Location: Selkirk, Manitoba